The Content Commitment

Having made the decision to go forward with writing, speaking, and other business ventures, I believe a public commitment to produce content is in order to ensure my success.  Too often people start ventures like this with the best of intentions but fall flat after a couple weeks when their initial enthusiasm fades.

The plan my writing will follow comes directly from Jeff Goins’ great site.  I am proud to admit that I will shamelessly copy it in the tradition of all great artists – find something that works and emulate it (the plan – not Jeff’s work, of course)!  If you’re into writing and have never read Jeff’s work, you owe it to yourself to get over to and check out his amazing portfolio.

Jeff tells the story of how he started and the way he built his platform and phenomenal web presence.  The sentence that really jumped out at me was “When I started I made a commitment to write and publish a new article on it every single day for the first year.  By the end of that year, I had over ten thousand email subscribers.”  That’s  a powerful statement.  I want that kind of audience.

Therefore, to accomplish the goal of developing my own writing platform and to create my own audience, I will write at least 365 pieces of content by 1/1/2019 (this deadline gives me a couple weeks off over the next year – all work and no play isn’t good for anyone).  Of the 365 pieces of content, there will be at least 100 pieces in excess of 500 words – no sandbagging with three line posts for me!

Another tool I will use is #my500words.  It’s an online community of aspiring writers that help hold each other accountable to produce.  This site is also run by Jeff Goins.  Seeing a pattern here?  Jeff seems to be a good person to listen to when starting out.

This is the second post for today.  Only 363 left!

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