New Book Project Started!

Over the past month, I have written a lot – more than ever before.   I owe many thanks to Jeff Goins and the #my500words community for getting me off my duff and writing again.  Most of my production has not made it to the blog, though.  This was not intentional. I just got wrapped up in the writing and rolled with it.  The net result is I have made great progress on two projects, one of which is a new book.  The unfortunate side-effect of my good work is that I have failed to post regularly to my blog for the past two weeks!  For that, I apologize.

I’m very excited about the new book project. It began as a personal journal whose only purposes were to get me writing again and to help me to get some demons from the Las Vegas shooting out.  I never planned to publish it.  Over the course of writing the story, however, I discovered that I had a lot of tales that fit well with the Route 91 massacre account.  I’ve mulled the project over and have decided to write it.  There will be about thirty stories in total, perhaps more if the volume does not get too lengthy.

I’ll keep folks updated via progress reports to the blog.  I hope to have the first draft of all stories written by mid-summer.  Editing and production should be completed by fall.  I have not decided how I will publish this.  I will probably try to use a traditional publisher first, and then self-publish if I am unsuccessful.  Wish me luck!

Dilemma: Should Writing Be Completely Honest and Realistic?

I’ve been wrestling with a problem: how honest and realistic should my writing be? The easy answer I tell myself is that writing with complete honesty and realism is the only way the job should be done, but that may not be the best choice for a number of reasons.

The question first arose when I started my first-person account of the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas.  Continue reading “Dilemma: Should Writing Be Completely Honest and Realistic?”